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Auto dealers in North Carolina are subject to laws governing fraud, unfair and deceptive acts and practices, and regulations under the Motor Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers Licensing Law G.S. 20285 through G.S. 20-309*. These sets of laws govern conditions and terms under which licensed motor vehicle sellers and distributors must operate, in order to protect buyers from known or apparent defects and fraudulent warranties and service agreements.

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If you have been the victim of buying from a licensed auto dealer a lemon, a vehicle with undisclosed wreck damage, or a vehicle with an incorrect odometer reading, or if you have been refused repairs under the terms of a warranty, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation under federal or state law.

I Can Help You Sue An Auto Dealership — Lemon Laws Protect Your Rights

I am consumer protection lawyer Rashad Blossom. I opened Blossom Law PLLC on the premise that people deserve a strong advocate when fighting large businesses and manufacturers who engage in fraud. As a child growing up in a blue collar family, I saw firsthand how frustrating it can be to learn that an expensive car did not operate properly.We all understand that motor vehicles are complicated machines and things sometimes go wrong. But when a dealership deliberately sells a poorly maintained used car or refuses to offer repairs despite a valid warranty, it may constitute fraud. If you are fighting with a North Carolina dealership over a car that won't run as advertised or a broken warranty or service agreement, let me help you level the playing field.

Typical auto defects and dealership fraud includes:

  • Fraudulent vehicle history disclosure
  • Known unrepaired defects to engine, components or systems
  • Undisclosed wreck damage
  • Undisclosed flood damage
  • Bait-and-switch advertising

What Is A Yo-Yo Sale?

Used car dealerships often entice customers onto the lot by advertising very low financing deals. After agreeing to a sale and letting the buyer drive off the lot, the dealership will claim the financing fell through. The buyer must either return the car (plus pay for any damages incurred) or agree to a higher interest rate for financing — or purchase a different vehicle. These are referred to as yo-yo sales and are often considered a bad faith business practice if the buyer is not aware of the terms of the sales agreement.

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I handle most auto defect and dealership fraud cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you will not pay attorneys' fees if you do not recover money damages.

I am available for consultations 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Evening and weekend appointments may be available by special arrangement. Call 704-BLOSSOM (704-256-7766) or use the convenient email contact form to explain your legal needs and request a return call.

*Visit North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles LICENSE AND THEFT BUREAU: Motor Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturer Regulation Manual

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